Who We Are

FootPeople is an association of Marin residents working to conserve Marin’s public lands and their natural resources’ biological diversity and ecosystems for present and future generations.  We are committed to ensuring the continued enjoyment and safety of all open space visitors. We believe that recreational uses should be subordinate to, and effectively managed for, the protection of natural resources.  We also believe that no user group should be displaced from roads and trails because of a perception of lack of safety. Public lands belong to all people, and  their ongoing conservation is a responsibility of all who use them.  This general management policy must be supported by meaningful enforcement of regulations.

The core group of the FootPeople is involved in many other organizations including: the Audubon Society, Friends of Corte Madera Creek, Marin Conservation League, The Marin Horse Council, the San Geronimo Valley Planning Group, the Sierra Club, the Tamalpais Conservation Club, and others. Several of our group served on the Marin County Parks and Open Space Commission.Continue Reading