Historic Easy Grade Trail

State Parks’ proposed change in use designation of Easy Grade from its historical hiking designation to a hiker/biker trail is underway. The Marin County Bike Coalition (MCBC) sought this change-of-use to provide an unpaved alternative to Pan Toll Road. FootPeople believe this change-in-designated-use is not needed. However, the State Parks’ project is in process; they have completed several studies and are conducting a rare plant study, and will consider potential impacts on the plants from any realignments. There will be a public meeting to receive more feedback. FootPeople believes there must be pinch points in specific areas to slow down-hill bike traffic. You can contact Victor Bjelajac at his email: victor.bjelajac@parks.ca.gov for more information, or write to:

Victor Bjelajac
Danita Rodriguez
California State Parks
845 Casa Grande Road
Petaluma CA 94954