Knee Cap Trail

In Region 2, MCOSD proposes to designate (i.e., to include in the official trail system) 4.8 miles to be designated “biker/hiker,” a new designation, in the Giacomini Preserve. One stretch of this trail network is proposed for the FY2016-17 Work Plan. FootPeople has requested more specifics from MCOSD staff regarding which trails will be closed in conjunction with this.

We believe a severely degraded non-system trail, Knee Cap, should be closed immediately either in conjunction with these new trail designations, or as a standalone closure due to its severe erosion, sediment, and damage to plants caused by illegal mountain bike riding and bike jump construction.

We ask for your support by writing to MC Parks/MCOSD: Mr. Pat O’Brien, General Manager,  3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903, or email him at: PO’; and to Supervisor Steve Kinsey, same address, or Request that Knee Cap Trail be closed immediately, and that the trail has closure signage and any non-authorized use be cited. Furthermore, continued illegal bike riding on this trail should result in the application of RTMP’s Policy SW 15 by revoking the legalization of Juniper Trail, proposed to become included in the official trail designation system.

Click here for a photo of Knee Cap, and a video link to Juniper and Knee Cap being ridden illegally.