Preserve the Bob Middagh and King Mountain Loop trails

Following a Region 1 RTMP implementation workshop in March, the public had an opportunity to submit proposals for road and trail projects in Baltimore Canyon, King Mountain, Blithedale Summit, Camino Alto, Alto Bowl, and Horse Hill Preserves. An initial list of Region 1 proposed projects is now available on the MCOSD website. There are two proposed projects we want to bring to your attention:

a)    The Marin County Bicycle Coalition, MCBC, proposes opening the Middagh Trail, an existing hiker and equestrian trail, to bike riders (who are already riding this trail illegally). The MCBC proposal includes minor and unnecessary improvements to a stream crossing, improving sight lines, and installing numerous speed control features.  FootPeople opposes this change in use because:

-Alternative routes exist for bikes; improvements of stream crossings are unnecessary;  neighborhood residents and the Alto Bowl Horse Owners Association are against this change in use.

b)    Access 4 Bikes proposes a change-of-use allowing bikes on the King Mountain Loop Trail. Their proposal includes some repair and improvement to drainage, improving sightlines, and opening a portion of the Loop Trail to bike use. FootPeople opposes this change in use because:

-Alternative routes exist for bikes, and this trail is heavily used by hikers, dog walkers; bikes are not appropriate in the mix of uses. If you agree, please write a letter to Supervisor Kate Sears: 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA., 94903, or email her at: Kate Sears