Preserve the Bob Middagh and King Mountain Loop trails

Following a Region 1 RTMP implementation workshop in March, the public had an opportunity to submit proposals for road and trail projects in Baltimore Canyon, King Mountain, Blithedale Summit, Camino Alto, Alto Bowl, and Horse Hill Preserves. An initial list of Region 1 proposed projects is now available on the MCOSD website. There are two proposed projects we want to bring to your attention:

a)    The Marin County Bicycle Coalition, MCBC, proposes opening the Middagh Trail, an existing hiker and equestrian trail, to bike riders (who are already riding this trail illegally). The MCBC proposal includes minor and unnecessary improvements to a stream crossing, improving sight lines, and installing numerous speed control features.  FootPeople opposes this change in use because:

-Alternative routes exist for bikes; improvements of stream crossings are unnecessary;  neighborhood residents and the Alto Bowl Horse Owners Association are against this change in use.Continue Reading

Knee Cap Trail

In Region 2, MCOSD proposes to designate (i.e., to include in the official trail system) 4.8 miles to be designated “biker/hiker,” a new designation, in the Giacomini Preserve. One stretch of this trail network is proposed for the FY2016-17 Work Plan. FootPeople has requested more specifics from MCOSD staff regarding which trails will be closed in conjunction with this.

We believe a severely degraded non-system trail, Knee Cap, should be closed immediately either in conjunction with these new trail designations, or as a standalone closure due to its severe erosion, sediment, and damage to plants caused by illegal mountain bike riding and bike jump construction. Continue Reading

Historic Easy Grade Trail

State Parks’ proposed change in use designation of Easy Grade from its historical hiking designation to a hiker/biker trail is underway. The Marin County Bike Coalition (MCBC) sought this change-of-use to provide an unpaved alternative to Pan Toll Road. FootPeople believe this change-in-designated-use is not needed. However, the State Parks’ project is in process; they have completed several studies and are conducting a rare plant study, and will consider potential impacts on the plants from any realignments. There will be a public meeting to receive more feedback. FootPeople believes there must be pinch points in specific areas to slow down-hill bike traffic. You can contact Victor Bjelajac at his email: for more information, or write to:

Victor Bjelajac
Danita Rodriguez
California State Parks
845 Casa Grande Road
Petaluma CA 94954

Azalea Hill Trail – MMWD

The Marin Municipal Water District is considering improvements to Azalea Trail, important to hikers and horse people, as it connects with Pine Mountain. The off-road bike community is actively seeking this connection, and the District is considering a wider, multi-use trail situated on an old road alignment called Liberty Gulch. There will be a field trip to review these alternatives. Contact: Mike Swezy, for more information,